Charman Prize 2019

This year’s 9th Biennial Charman Prize cited as the best yet, reflects the theme, “Where Fate Leads Us.” This year’s finalists, all 107 of them, presented very difficult choices for the judges.
Photographer Jayde Gibbons won the grand Charman Prize with her award winning collage, “Neighborhood Kids.”
Masterworks Collection Prize – Kyle James, Morning City Rise
Design and Composition – Kok Wan Lee, Uncertainty
Landscape; Use of Material – Andrea Sundt, Ember
Distinctive and Convincing Style – Gillian Outerbridge, Old Autumn in the Misty Morn
Source of Inspiration – Charles Zuill, Primal Bermuda
A warm and gracious thank you to Mr. John Charman for making this year’s prize possible. Successful businessman and avid art collector, John Charman is the sponsor of the Charman Prize and a patron of the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.Visit us today to view all 107 remarkable pieces of Bermudian inspired artwork.

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