The Diary of an Artist

Instructor Emma Ingham

An unusual visual path to self-realization through the colours and shadows of your life.

This 8-week course centres on your ability to find great art inspiration with the use of common scraps as well as detritus of our beaches, open spaces, gardens, byways and trails. Your ‘diary’ is to be loosely focused on your life-challenges, objectives, highlights and journeys.

You will be invited to discuss with the instructor the area or areas for your search. Found materials could include anything from leaves and driftwood, to baby spoons and school reports.the project relies heavily on your ability to look beyond the immediate and the obvious. the objective is to construct a functional artists creation that speaks to your life’s journey: mobile, wall hanging, pamp, sculpture or installation, or similar.

Course Length: 8 week
April 16 – June 4 2019 on Tuesdays
Location: Masterworks Art Classroom
Cost: Members $360 | Non-Members $400 per class
Participants: Adults with a love of hands-on creative work.
To Register: or call 299-4000.

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