Picture This Bermuda – Masterworks Art History Hunt

Looking for a new way to discover Bermuda this summer? #picturethisbermuda is here!
In an effort to get our community outdoors, and engaging with Bermuda’s heritage in new and creative ways, we are launching “Picture This”, an art history hunt centered on the Masterworks Collection. Intended for adults and children, this hunt allows individuals to explore Bermuda through the eyes of artists, both local and foreign.
Head east to St. George’s and rediscover your favorite historic town with our first edition of this hunt (click the link below).
Following the different “Stops”, you can see where the artists painted, develop your own artistic skills and learn about Bermuda history along the way. More information can be found in the link on our website. 
Share with friends and family and tag us on this hunt at #picturethisbermuda
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