Jaya Perrier: “Bermuda in Bloom”

November 2 – November 28 2018
Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm
Admission $5 for Adults. Free for Members and children under 12

About the Artist

Born in an artistic family, I grew up surrounded by my mother’s beautiful paintings. Her works mainly consist of oils and mixed media, and still adorn the walls of our family home in India. Inspired by her, I took to drawing and sketching at an early age. I always knew that I wanted to paint in oils, just like my mom, but it wasn’t until late 2016 that I decided to pick up the brush again. I signed up for online workshops and online demos with Dreama Tolle Perry, Randall Sexton and Colley Whisson, and that’s how I started my journey into oils. I also started painting with the plein air group in Bermuda, which has been a great way to explore hidden gems in Bermuda and learn from accomplished artists. 

“I enjoy painting just about anything that allows me to play with colors and explore various forms of light and shadows. I am inspired by the works of Telemaco Signorini, Arthur Sreeton, Ed Hopper and Richard Schmid, to name a few.

Spring time in Bermuda is my favorite, for it brings with it the joy and vibrancy of gorgeous gardens and breathtaking sunsets. With my work, I have tried to bring a small piece of Bermuda to you, where each brush stroke has a story to tell.”

Bio: I was born and raised in India. I studied Mathematics at the University of Connecticut, and I am a Fellow of Casualty Actuarial Society. In 2005, I met my husband during a business trip to Bermuda, and I relocated here two years later. We now have two beautiful children who are my biggest supporters and little artists in the making.

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