Fayelle Wharton Bush – Bermuda Vibrations

Exhibiting this month in the Rick Faries Gallery is …
Bermuda Vibrations’ – Encaustic Works
“The collection, Bermuda Vibrations, is very tactile and is representative of all that goes on above and below this tiny island in the Atlantic. The geological and atmospheric processes are a metaphor for the emotions of this place – the passion we all feel about it; the magic of living here, the overwhelming beauty. We are so small; nature is so big, and the forces exerted on us by the weather alone intensify all our daily experiences.
The show is about movement and energy and that is certainly what it feels like to work with encaustic paints. Some works are mounted on copper, a favourite substrate, and others are layered on mat board, wood and encaustic panels. The show is visually broad, some images easily translate as angry seas and others are more abstract and symbolic in nature….a wide variety of colour abounds in the predominantly small works of this collection.” – Fayelle Wharton Bush
Visit the exhibit at the gallery Monday – Saturday 10 am – 4 pm. Bermuda Vibrations is exhibiting until December 15th.
If you’re wary of visiting the gallery, not to worry! All unsold pieces from the ‘Bermuda Vibrations’ collection can be purchased via the Rick Faries Gallery Online @ www.rickfariesgallery.com 
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