Masterworks is a not for profit organisation and, as such, we get our funding from friends in the community and from abroad. After twenty-one years of fundraising to build the Museum, we finally have a permanent home for our collection, but the fundraising does not stop!

We are proud of our achievements. However like many other organisations, we are also feeling the pressure of increasing costs. Our day to day operations, education programmes, community outreach efforts and building maintenance depends largely upon funding from our supporters. Your further contributions would mean so much to help us ensure a successful passage from one year to the next.

Some of the achievements that our supporters have helped us create:

  • Since opening on March 1st, 2008 thousands of visitors have been through our doors.
  • Our Classroom is now in use 7 days a week as we extend our education programmes further into the community.
  • We have recruited a tremendous group of volunteers whose enthusiasm enables us to offer a great visitor experience.
  • We have already held several exhibitions in the Main Gallery and have had ten shows in the Rick Faries Gallery.
  • The Henry Moore Foundation generously offered a long term loan of some sketches by the renowned sculptor and artist, inspired by shells from Bermuda – the first of many such arts collaborations we hope to enjoy as our reputation grows.
  • We have established a successful hospitality event programme to bring more people to the Museum while generating much needed revenue.

If you would like to help support our programmes and make a donation today, please see the information below to make a contribution.


The Masterworks Foundation gratefully accepts wire transfers of funds.

See our Challenge Grant Letter here.

For further information please contact Masterworks on 441-299-4000, or email


Should you wish American Tax Relief, you can make a donation through the American Friends of Masterworks, Inc.

Donations can be made in US dollar amounts from American bank accounts or by check.   For more information on US donations click HERE and contact Masterworks on 441-299-4000, or email


Should you wish Canadian Tax Relief, you can make a donation through the Bermudiana Foundation of Canada.

Contact Kate Trueland at:
The Bermudiana Foundation of Canada
2272 Glenfield Road
Ontario L6M 3V1